In an authentic format, our pictures contain statements of people from all over the world celebrating the amazing and diverse life on this planet, as well as heightening the world’s awareness of the most pressing issues, from traffic and water to women issues. Check out the topics here:

Children Dreams

What is your biggest dream? If you want to become a doctor, or protect the rivers in your country, or just climb the Chinese Great Wall – share your statement.

Message to my future me

What would like to be reminded in 10 years from now? Share a statement with the message to yourself that you never want to forget.

Message to our leaders

If you have a chance to meet your country’s or some of the world’s most influential leaders, what would you say to them? Leave your message of hope, change, and positivity.

My self-revolution

How can you develop yourself to get the best out of you? Maybe you have some good resolutions and goals for your future or there is something you want to keep in mind in order to become a better and happier person. Leave your message to yourself.


How’s the traffic in your community, city, country? Traffic is one of the world’s most pressing issues, since it affects the environment, the economy, and even a nation’s development. Share how much it affects your life.


What is the meaning of water for you? From lack of drinking water quality, to giant appreciation of waterfalls, say what you think about our planet’s most essential natural resource.

Women Statements

How do you feel as a woman? Women in the 21st century take leadership in nearly every part of society - but not everywhere in the world. In many parts of the planet, women have to deal with oppression in their daily life. Leave your statement as a woman (and/or to women)!


Stereotypes exist! And it is natural that they exist. But they are far too often used to degrade, humiliate or discriminate others. Where are you from, and what is NOT your stereotype? This is a topic in cooperation with "Break Stereoptype" organization.

Education is...

What does education mean for you? Challenging, rewarding, essential... Share your view, your experience, and your reality about education.